Product Videos on Amazon: Best Practices

With competition on Amazon heating up as more vendors enter one of the world’s largest online marketplaces, standing out is key to leveraging Amazon for business success. Every listing benefits from quality images, optimized descriptions, and great products that solve problems for customers. 

To take your listing to the next level, product videos on Amazon offer massive value and increased conversions. Investing in expert strategy for sponsored brands video yields an impressive return on investment to boost business presence in Amazon’s highly competitive marketplace. 

Videos were previously only available to brand registry-enrolled sellers, but now any Amazon seller can tap into the power of product videos in the marketplace.

Before implementing a video marketing strategy, read more about Amazon video best practices, different types of product videos, and what possible results lie ahead from optimizing your Amazon presence with video. 

What Are Product Videos on Amazon?

Potential customers click product videos while shopping to gain more profound knowledge beyond descriptions and photographs. Videos illustrate value and utility, giving customers more confidence in their purchase. Product videos appear in a listing’s image roll as a thumbnail, and an enlarged video player window appears after clicking the video thumbnail, just like a product photo. 

Videos also appear on storefronts, providing an enticing introduction for visiting customers. 

Video ads offer potential customers viewing options straight from the search results as a convenient introduction to your business. This increases purchase potential by removing a step from the customer discovery journey.

Types of Videos on Amazon

When you’ve decided to add videos to your Amazon listings, you have a few choices. Different video formats work better to advertise different types of products. Explore the list below to choose the type of video that’s right for your storefront.

Highlight and Benefit Videos

This straightforward video style format showcases how to use the product while emphasizing its features. Connecting features with their benefits is crucial to creating maximum impact with this kind of video.

Lifestyle Videos

Does your product deliver day-to-day lifestyle enhancement? Paint a picture of your product in action by showing how it elevates the quality of life with a lifestyle video. This video style creates an emotional connection to your product by exciting customers about potential results and life improvements.

Amazon Product Video Instructional

Do your products require assembly or involve a learning curve? Customers will appreciate an articulate, straightforward, and demonstrative “how-to” video for reassurance about required assembly or other special requirements. 

Amazon Product Video Testimonial

There’s a reason you see testimonials and reviews on almost every e-commerce website. Real people who bought a product singing its praises effectively build trust in a way that your marketing cannot. Social proof is powerful, and video testimonials from your customers deliver huge returns on investment. 

Product Video Comparison

If your product’s benefits and features blow your competition out of the water, a comparison video is a great format choice. Without calling them by name, you can show how your product solves problems that your competitors cannot.

Best Practices for Product Videos on Amazon

Videos are a powerful selling tool, but only if you execute them correctly. A successful Amazon video marketing strategy leans on specific Amazon-savvy tactics. Keep these best practices as you create product videos on Amazon to optimize your listings and boost clicks and sales.

Captivate Your Audience Quickly

You’re competing for your customer’s attention with untold numbers of distractions. Grab their attention within the first two to three seconds. The faster you deliver the information they need, the closer they’ll be to clicking the “buy” button.

Reassure Your Customers

Eliminate your potential customers’ skepticism by demonstrating how your product solves a problem and elevates their quality of life.

Strive for Excellent Quality

Your sound, video, and lighting should be professional-grade to build your potential customers’ confidence. Edit your videos to eliminate dead air, awkward voiceovers, and other professionally compromising elements.

Optimize User Experience

Providing on-screen text gives customers a discreet, sound-free viewing option while incorporating royalty-free music sets the mood when video sound is on.

Things to Avoid When Creating Amazon Videos

Understanding conversion-reducing mistakes for product videos on Amazon saves you money, time, effort, and frustration. Here’s what you need to know.

Time-sensitive or Outdated Content

Don’t include seasonal or promotional information that will quickly become outdated. You want to keep your product video relevant for months or years. 

Not Following Amazon Guidelines

Not adhering to Amazon’s guidelines is a rookie mistake but easily fixable. Stay in Amazon’s good graces by following their guidelines to a tee. 

Critical guidelines include:

  • Do not use disparaging language about competitors. 
  • Do not inappropriate health claims.
  • Do not direct customers to leave Amazon to visit your website.
  • Avoid controversial, aggressive, violent, and sexual content. 
  • Stay within intellectual property rights jurisdictions.

This is not a comprehensive list, and we strongly advise proactively educating on Amazon’s guidelines. Run all product videos by Amazon’s video guidelines before publication. 

Benefits of Using Amazon Product Videos

Product videos add an instant competitive edge, as many vendors aren’t utilizing the power of video to their advantage yet. Customers love videos for interacting with products in a way that photos can’t deliver, creating increased consumer confidence and conversions.  

Additionally, with the online world moving toward video across social media and other platforms, video is a natural extension of an Amazon shopping experience that’s likely to evolve into a customer expectation.

These considerations equate to significant increases in customer conversion. Quality product videos on Amazon increase conversions by 50 – 80%. Businesses using product videos on Amazon report decreased negative reviews thanks to clear expectations set by product videos. 

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