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Click Optimization

Account Growth

Being successful on Amazon seems overwhelming.

We get it: we started as Amazon sellers.
But Amazon? It feels like a jungle.

• Managing ads feels like a headache.
• Getting more people to click and buy feels like throwing darts in the dark.
• Optimizing your account feels like a never ending job with no clear targets.

We’ve been there. So we started an Amazon agency offering the insights and expertise we wish we had when we first became Amazon sellers.

Our Services

Ad Management

Eliminate the advertising confusion.
From SEO to ad optimization, we do it all.

• Sponsored Brands
• Sponsored Products
• Video Ads
• Advertising Growth Strategies

Convert More Buyers

We get more people to click and buy.
Never watch a competitor get your sale.

• Images that convert
• Copywriting for listings
• A+ Content
• Brand Stores Creation & Optimization

Elevate Your Amazon Presence

Everything you need, done for you.
We take your Amazon account to a new level of growth.

• Reimbursements
• Reconciliations
• Product Review requests
• Seller support cases
• Customer service

These same services help brands make millions.

“As far as the results go, I think you can’t be happier when we’re up 3-4 times in sales– that’s number one… I have the comfort of saying I don’t have to worry about the back end on Amazon… It frees up a lot of time. My time is worth money, where I can move on in other areas of the business. But to have the ability to know that you’re backed, it’s a great relief.”

Pete Chicarielli, InstaGone

Almost immediately, from the first month that we started working with Click Fluency, sales just shot up, sales quadrupled! ..Not only have the sales gone crazy (here we are, the sales are 5 times what we were before we started with Click Fluency), but the profit structure has changed. And what started out as a hobby with me with this cream is now becoming a business, and I thank you for that. You guys have done an amazing job.”

Frank Wretzel, KPW Labs

Your path to Amazon success starts with one call.

1. Schedule a call.

This 15-minute call covers what works, what doesn’t, and how you want to win on Amazon.

2. Walk through our Amazon Growth Strategy session.

We discuss your market opportunity, areas for growth, and next steps.

3. Take control of your brand on Amazon.

Our team manages your plan so you see greater success.