5 Benefits of Amazon PPC Management Services

Pay-per-click ads on Amazon drive traffic toward product pages, storefronts or custom landing pages on the site. Amazon PPC ads are displayed in prominent locations on search results and product detail pages. Brands in health, personal care and other categories can benefit from sponsored product, brand or display ad campaigns run by Amazon PPC management services.

Here are five benefits of having Click Fluency manage your PPC ad campaigns on the leading online marketplace.

1. Jumpstarting Ad Campaigns With Amazon PPC Management 

Brands that rely on professional services to manage PPC advertising launch successful ad campaigns more quickly. Digital advertising experts know how PPC campaigns function, from targeting likely customers to making bids to win the top spot in second-price auctions.

When a brand sets up a PPC ad campaign, it is necessary to choose between sponsored product and brand and display ads, set targeting keywords and parameters and decide on maximum bids and advertising budgets. Click Fluency can recommend an ad type, targeting method, starting bid and budget for PPC ad campaigns that get results.

Some web marketing specialists recommend that brands set up PPC campaigns with relevant keywords, Amazon Standard Identification Numbers or other targeting parameters and set daily and default bids anywhere from 50% to 100% over the Amazon recommendations.

New campaigns should run for at least two weeks before an advertiser starts making adjustments based on advertising reports.

2. Optimizing Campaigns With Digital Advertising Experts

Some of the principles of paid search engine marketing extend to Amazon. There are several significant differences between PPC ads on Amazon and Google Ads that professionals in this field should be aware of. Amazon PPC ads are ranked on profits rather than click-through rates, with bids priced based on second-price auctions.

The digital marketing experts at Click Fluency who provide Amazon PPC management services have extensive experience with PPC advertising on this sales channel and stay apprised of recent developments.

Professionals can point out ways to maximize the returns of Sponsored Brand ads (formerly known as Headline Search Ads) and Sponsored Display Ads (an improved version of Product Display Ads).

Health and personal care brands that sell on Amazon and do their own web marketing on this marketplace should stay apprised of web marketing developments on top of meeting operational requirements and maintaining high order fulfillment standards.

Outsourcing Amazon PPC management to Click Fluency allows a brand to focus on its mainline and benefit from the best-paid search advertising on the largest online marketplace.

3. Spending Less Time Reviewing Key Performance Indicators

Brands that rely on Amazon PPC management don’t have to try to interpret or implement insights derived from ad analytics and KPI calculations. A management service can do calculations to determine the performance of paid advertising campaigns.

Some of the main KPIs for PPC ads are Advertising Cost of Sale, Cost-Per-Click, Click-Through-Rate, Conversion Rate and Return on Ad Spend. 

Advertisers can calculate ACoS, which reveals the profitability and efficiency of ads, by dividing ad spend by ad revenue and multiplying the quotient by 100. CPC is determined by a second-price auction. The CTR of Amazon PPC ads does not determine ranking position as it does with PPC Google Ads but can suggest how appealing paid ads are to potential customers.

Brands calculate this rate by dividing the number of clicks by the number of impressions and multiplying the quotient by 100. 

The conversion rate of PPC ads is calculated by dividing the number of orders by the number of clicks and multiplying the quotient by 100. Brands that rely on digital advertising professionals for Amazon PPC management stand to benefit from paid ad optimization and improved performance.

4. Raising the Ranking of Products in Search Results

Amazon PPC management services can recommend the best type of paid ads to increase the visibility of selected products or a brand. In general, the top four ads that appear on an Amazon search page or product details page get nearly 35% of clicks. Nearly 85% of consumers click on the top portion of the screen, which is where 24% of PPC ads appear on Amazon.

In addition to designing sponsored product ads, Amazon PPC management service can also create sponsored brand ads that feature a custom headline, brand logo, and up to three products in the top spot above Amazon search results. Ads can also send shoppers to a branded storefront or custom landing page in the marketplace.

PPC ads provide an immediate boost in visibility as long as the max bid for a keyword or other targeting parameters is competitive for the product and category. These ads are useful for short- and long-term product and brand development on Amazon, where PPC ads affect organic search rankings.

5. Getting Cost-Effective Amazon PPC Management

While the initial costs of paying to have PPC ads on Amazon managed by skilled professionals may be higher than the cost of starting your own campaign, more users are likely to click on ads designed by experts than automatic placements or less-than-optimal settings by new paid advertisers.

Having skilled advertisers design sponsored product, brand, and display ads for Amazon can pave the way toward a faster and greater return on investment in terms of traffic and conversions.

Much less trial and error are necessary for digital marketing professionals with experience creating paid ads on sales channels and search engines than for brand representatives who are less familiar with these systems and the unique features of Amazon PPC ads.

Brands in health, personal care, or other categories on Amazon can benefit from Amazon PPC management.

While Amazon Seller and Vendor interfaces allow brands to build their own PPC campaigns, the digital marketing professionals at Click Fluency can launch successful ad campaigns faster and optimize PPC ads based on campaign performance and search term reports to allow brand owners and employees to focus on operations and order fulfillment.








Imagine looking at your Amazon account and:

• Seeing a higher return on ad spend
• Not worrying about issues with your seller account because it’s handled by experts
• Feeling in control of your Amazon success
• Spending less time on the complexities

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