Best Practices of Optimizing Amazon Product Listings, Pt. 2

Optimizing your product listing is vital in achieving your business goals on Amazon. It may sound easy, but it’s actually very tricky. One of the most challenging tasks is to rank your product on the first page of the Amazon search results. However, you’ll know how to rank your product and attract customers to increase your sales with proper research.

Here are more dos and don’ts of ranking your product on the first page.

  1. Product Image

This is a huge marketing tool that many merchants neglect. Your primary image is important in regards to Click through Rates with Advertising and enticing potential customers to click on your product listing. Amazon also has something called A+ Content, enabling sellers to create attractive images that attract potential buyers.


● Use high-resolution images (1000 pixels minimum or higher).

High-resolution images are essential for enticing potential buyers. No one wants to see an image with unclear details.

● Include a zoom feature.

Your product image should have a zoom feature so your customers can check the details of your product. Remember, customers are not able to physically pick up your product when shopping online so you will need to give them as close of an experience as possible to checking out your product online.


● Don’t use images with blurry details.

Amazon allows customers to leave feedback on the images you used. If Amazon finds out that you have blurry images, it could cause your product to be penalized.

● Don’t use images with logos.

Using logos or images without the owner’s consent is prohibited by Amazon. It could even lead to your product being destroyed by Amazon.

  1. Product Reviews

Amazon product reviews are critical for providing social proof that your items meet or exceed expectations. It allows shoppers to inquire about other users’ experiences and confirm the facts on your product description.


● Include a clear and helpful product description.

Your product description should provide a clear and helpful explanation about your product. It should include the benefits and features of the product. Bold and color-coded words are also effective in helping customers decide whether to buy the item.

● Encourage customers to leave a review.

The trick to having more product reviews is encouraging your customers to leave a review. Be careful with how you ask for the review (see the next point). If your product is new to Amazon, you could consider enrolling in the Early Reviewer program where Amazon requests reviews on your behalf to get up to 5 initial reviews.


● Don’t specifically ask people to leave you positive reviews.

Amazon has stated explicitly that merchants should not ask customers to leave a positive review. Amazon also provides a penalty if you ask your customers to leave a positive review.


By now, you should have a solid idea of how to optimize your product listing on Amazon. It’s not an easy job, but it’s essential in creating a loyal customer base. Ultimately, it increases your income, but it takes time. You can’t expect to improve your Amazon product listing in just a day. It takes time, planning, and analysis.

The key is creating a strategy that works well with your product. This way, you can easily attract potential buyers and increase your sales.

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