Everything You Need to Know About Amazon Prime Day 2022

Amazon Prime Day is the biggest online shopping day of the year. It even surpassed sales figures for Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined, bringing in $11.2 billion in 2021.

To help you get your fair share of this pie, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about 2022’s Amazon Prime Day.

What Is Amazon Prime Day?

The word “day” might be a bit of a misnomer. Amazon Prime Day actually spans a 48-hour period, and thousands of items are marked down at a discount, encouraging shoppers to load up their carts.

Prime Day got its start in 2015 as a way to mark the online retailer’s 20th anniversary. Today, shoppers have to be Prime members to get the best deals, but there are plenty of non-Prime member discounts available as well.

Many shoppers choose to take advantage of a free 30-day trial of Amazon Prime to ensure they have full access to the best deals. When Prime Day is over, they can cancel their Prime membership, but with a 90% retention rate, most choose to stick around.

Why You Should Participate in Amazon Prime Day

Money talks and that $11.2 billion sales figure is projected to be even bigger in 2022. With more than 200 million Prime Members, this is the single best opportunity to get exposure to your brand and skyrocket your revenue.

In addition to getting massive amounts of exposure for your brand, you can also use this retail holiday as a way to test out your offers. For example, will a 30% markdown lead to more sales than a 20% markdown? You can use Prime Day to test different price points and discounts to see which yields the most revenue.

Prime Day is also a great excuse to get your store in order. Update your images, revise your product copy, and clean up your product pages. You’re likely to have a lot of visitors to your product pages, and you want to put your best foot forward.

Important Dates for Amazon Prime Day

Amazon doesn’t announce when Prime Day is until shortly before the event happens – usually about two weeks in advance. So far, speculation is that it will happen on July 18th and July 19th, 2022, but these dates are subject to change.

Fun Facts About Amazon Prime Day

All retailers can benefit from the shopping activity associated with Amazon Prime Day, and these statistics put things into perspective:

– The top-selling categories for last year’s Prime Day were health & beauty, consumer electronics, household essentials, and shoes & apparel.

– The conversion rate on Amazon Prime Day in 2019 was 13.5%, which dwarfs the industry average of 2.63%.

– More than 250 million products were purchased on Amazon Prime Day in 2021, up from 175 million in 2019.

How to Leverage Amazon Prime Day 2022 for Maximum Profit

Wondering how to prepare for the biggest online shopping event of the year? Here are our top recommendations:

1. Mark your calendar. Even though we don’t know the exact dates of Amazon Prime Day 2022 (yet), we have an educated estimate. Make sure you’ve marked these dates on your calendar and begin planning early.

2. Plan your promotions. Decide which discounts you’ll be offering and create a promotional schedule that includes advertising campaigns and social media posts that publicize your offerings.

3. Get your supply chain in order. Make sure you have enough of your top-selling items to prevent running out.

4. Optimize your listings. Boost your conversion rates by having optimized product listing pages. This includes high-quality images, compelling copy, and a detailed and keyword-rich product title and description.

5. Create product bundles. Increase your average order value by bundling complementary products together or offering bulk buy discounts.

6. Review your PPC campaigns. Assuming that you are running Amazon campaigns (hint: you should be), run through your campaigns to make sure they’re optimized for maximum visibility. It would be best if you were also hyper-vigilant about your negative keywords to ensure you’re not paying for clicks that aren’t relevant.

7. Review your return policy. Amazon Prime Day is a buying frenzy, and buyers might be more likely to make impulse purchases. Make sure you have a customer-friendly return policy that’s also fair and complies with Amazon’s terms of service.

Deals Amazon Sellers Should Consider Offering

Even though Prime Day brings a record amount of traffic and sales, the competition is also stiff. It can be a challenge to stand out from the crowd and get buyers to your listings. To give you a competitive edge, take advantage of Amazon Prime Day Lightning Deals.

Lightning deals give you additional exposure on Prime Day, and it can also be an effective way to offload excess inventory. Your offers will be on separate, high-traffic pages. You’ll also have an icon on your product page indicating that the SKU is a Lightning Deal. This gives the listing some pizzazz while creating a sense of urgency.

Though Lightning Deals are available to the majority of Amazon sellers, there are some requirements you have to meet:

1. Be a Professional seller (as opposed to an individual seller)

2. Have an overall seller rating of 3.5 stars or higher

3. Receive at least five feedback instances per month

4. Have adequate inventory to support a forecasted increase in demand

5. Offer the deal for the product at the lowest selling price of the year

There is also a fee associated with participating in Lightning Deals, so it’s a good idea to run the numbers to ensure that you’ll have a decent profit margin after offering the discount and paying the Amazon fees.

Earn Record Revenue This Amazon Prime Day 2022

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