Is Search Engine Optimization Required After Listing Products on Amazon?

SEO isn’t necessary after listing products. However, optimizing your Amazon product listings with relevant keywords can significantly boost their positions in Amazon’s search results.

Optimization directly correlates to search rankings. Various elements contribute to proper optimization, including the right keywords, adequate product listing formatting, and a successful strategy.

SEO no longer only applies to Google search results for digital marketing purposes. Similar to Google SEO, Amazon SEO is the best way to increase your company’s position in organic search results in addition to using advertising.

What Is Amazon Search Engine Optimization?

Amazon SEO optimizes your product listings to increase their positions on Amazon’s search engine results page. The higher you rank, the more visible your listings are, potentially translating to increased sales. With a strong Amazon SEO strategy and knowledge of the Amazon search algorithm, you can tailor your product listings to appear with specific search queries.

As with Google’s SEO, most people don’t want to scroll down the search result page to find what they need. With Amazon SEO tools, you can create a strategy that makes your listings rank higher, thereby increasing your brand visibility.

Importance of Amazon SEO & Relevant Keywords

Amazon’s SEO is vital for boosting your views. While pay-per-click advertising campaigns can effectively target an audience, keyword optimization is essential for ranking in search engines. Your listing must have good optimization, from the product information to its main image.

Consider your brand’s target audience. What problems can your audience solve with the products you offer? If your company provides the best solution for specific issues, you can eventually appear as one of the top options for customers with that search query.

Proper Amazon keyword research is necessary for ranking well. You can use tools and software specific for SEO efforts. These programs will help you find keywords people often use as search terms.

Understanding the A9 Algorithm

Amazon’s A9 algorithm is not yet very complex. It uses search terms very specifically to display results. Over time, the algorithm has learned to recognize misspellings of brand names and may provide different results for variations of search terms.

To succeed with this algorithm, you need to develop listings that come up even when someone misspells or types long-tail keywords. To increase this likelihood, you can also add other keywords to the listing after its creation, such as hidden backend keywords. Repeat keywords don’t contribute negatively or positively.

How Does Amazon Rank Products?

Amazon wants to increase transactions. The better a product sells, the more likely Amazon’s algorithm puts it near the top of the search results. You benefit as the seller, your customer benefits as they receive the product, and Amazon gets a commission.

Product rankings stem from the following factors:

● Purchase likelihood

● Products

● Keywords

● Performance

Purchase Likelihood

Purchase likelihood depends on the keywords a customer uses. Every term has a different purchase likelihood. Even if a product offers significant value, it may not rank highly.

If your product solves a problem, consumers are more likely to purchase it. The more people buy your products, the more likely Amazon’s algorithm will push it to the top of the list for specific searches.

Customers can use Amazon’s search filters to display results in a specific order.


The products you sell will rank higher with more demand. The more value your products provide, the higher their purchase likelihood based on customers’ needs. Optimizing your product listings to display accurate information with enhanced brand content answers consumers’ most important questions and makes you look like a trusted Amazon seller.

The product detail page lets you test how keywords rank your listings after you conduct keyword research. Each type contributes to the listing’s position, between backend keywords and those in the content. Formatting the page with bullet points and easy-to-read content may also increase your success in Seller Central.


Amazon determines your Amazon SEO ranking by how well your products perform. The algorithm analyzes past sales history, looks at positive reviews, compares prices, calculates inventory, and organizes organic traffic data. You may also rank higher if you’re a member of FBA or Prime.

The algorithm then uses this information to put the best-performing products at the top of the page. Lower results bring less relevant information and worse-performing products.

Things to Optimize in Your Amazon Listings

Customers search for products in the Amazon search box using relevant search terms, and the top products appear first. Typically, these top-ranked product pages have ideal optimization, from the product image to the product description. The product detail page is where customers find all relevant information about your product.

Depending on the product category, your content optimization guidelines may change. Your ranking will soon increase by using bullet points, sharing detailed, relevant content, and keeping listings updated.

Product titles: The product title is the most important way to convince customers enough to click on a listing. An optimized title should feature the brand, product type, color, and other brief descriptors. You can include keywords here.

Product descriptions: A product description with bullet points can increase your conversion rate by clearly displaying the product’s most relevant information, such as key features. Include brand information to create further awareness, and don’t forget a call to action.

Product images: Thorough tagging and keyword usage positions you at the top of the search. You can assign keywords and titles to specific product images. Many companies skip this step, putting you at an advantage.

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