What Is Amazon Product Attribute Targeting?

The triumphs of Amazon and its vast eCommerce marketplace are a sweet siren song for sellers worldwide — all 9.5 million of them. But succeeding in such a fiercely competitive digital landscape requires a comprehensive knowledge of Amazon marketing strategies and how to get the most out of your advertising campaigns. This post will explore Amazon Product Attribute Targeting (PAT) for Sponsored Products, including its fundamental elements and how you can use this updated targeting mechanism to drive growth for your brand.

Successful Amazon ads management is no simple task, but thankfully, the team of professionals here at Click Fluency is waiting to offer expert support. And so, without further ado, let’s jump into the world of Amazon marketing and Product Attribute Targeting.

What Is Amazon Product Attribute Targeting (PAT), and How Does It Work?

The standard pay-per-click (PPC) ad campaign on Amazon allows sellers to select targeted keywords that will show their product in the search results when a customer enters a relevant query or term. The Product Attribute Targeting update gives sellers even more precision and control regarding how they can use Sponsored Product ads to target customers.

Where sellers could previously only use keywords to target shoppers, the PAT update has changed that in a big way. Now, you have a plethora of options at your fingertips to help you narrow the audience you’re aiming for in two ways:

  1. Category targeting
  2. Individual targeting of ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number)

These two options offer the following features you can choose from for your campaign:

  • Product category
  • Price range
  • Brands
  • Product rating
  • Individual ASIN

The features, or granular attributes, that we just listed are also known as “targeting clauses,” which have a target ID for fast and accurate identification. You can see the value a Product Attribute Targeting campaign can offer your brand and its performance on Amazon. Check out Amazon’s Expression Rules in their Advanced Tools Center for more information about product targeting and how it works.

Where Can PAT Ads Show Up on Amazon?

Another advantage of Product Attribute Targeting campaigns is their versatility. Shoppers can see your ad in all the same spots a standard Sponsored Product Ad would show up, including:

  • Search results
  • Add to Cart
  • Thank You page
  • Product details
  • Checkout page

In addition, if you utilize Sponsored Display PAT ads, you have the chance to snag the very top banner on the specific product detail page. Even better, it could appear on Amazon’s front page.

The Two Product Attribute Targeting Types: Category vs. ASIN

As we just said, you can decide where you want your PAT ad to appear by choosing either category or individual ASIN targeting.

Category Targeting

With PAT campaigns, category targeting is ideal for sellers who want a broader reach by homing in on entire groups of products. Narrow your choices a bit more by picking one of the following features for granular targeting:

  • Review rating
  • Price range
  • Brand name
  • Shipping option

Utilize the options Amazon gives you to refine your targeting by brand name, rating, etc., giving you a much higher chance of reaching your ideal audience and the shoppers most likely to convert.

Category targeting effectively increases brand awareness and gains visibility for a new brand or product launch on Amazon. No, you probably won’t see your conversions begin to skyrocket. But it does provide valuable benefits to boost awareness of your brand.

Individual ASIN Targeting

Did you know that Amazon lets sellers use their own ASINs or a competitor’s ASIN? For example, you can pick similar products to yours or try to upload or search for specific ASINs. 

ASIN targeting doesn’t have as wide of a reach as you’ll gain with product category targeting, but it usually has a much higher conversion rate.

What Are the Best Strategies for PAT Ad Campaigns?

When Amazon rolls out updates to its marketing and advertising practices, there can be an uncomfortable period of adapting and adjusting your methods. While the PAT update isn’t exactly new, it still takes some getting used to if you’re just starting. Read on for a few ways you can strategize to get the most out of a PAT campaign.

New Brand and Product Launches

Whether it’s an entire brand or a single product, trying to forecast which keywords will deliver the best results is difficult at best. In a situation where you need sales as quickly as possible, using Amazon Product Attribute Targeting to pinpoint similar brands and their products can give you the inside track and reach the audience you want.

Snag Market Share From Your Competitors

The first step of mastering this strategy is performing in-depth research against your chief competition. For example, you could scroll through the Search Term Report for specific ASINs you’ve seen converting through auto-campaigns. Or, if you can determine which of the products and brands are competing directly against your own, you can try advertising against them using a PAT campaign.

Leverage Opportunistic Marketing

Let’s say that you’ve discovered a way to capitalize on a specific brand or product that’s trending right now on social media. Use PAT to take advantage of the boost in search results traffic by launching a similar product to strike while the iron is hot. Alternatively, you can try this strategy with keywords from competing brands. Remember, it’s all about presenting your brand in a better light than someone else’s!

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