Selling to Businesses on Amazon

Traditional B2B (business-to-business) selling requires years of making connections and growing a business profile, but Amazon Business has changed the game. This trusted marketplace gives companies instant access to a vast network of B2B customers that continues to grow at an impressive pace. If you want to improve your business’s visibility, expand your customer base, and increase sales, consider selling to businesses on Amazon.

In this article, the Click Fluency team presents everything you need to know about selling your products to other businesses on Amazon. We’ll discuss how Amazon Business works, who it’s for, how it benefits business sellers and buyers, and how it can transform your B2B sales.

What Is Amazon Business?

Consumers worldwide choose Amazon when looking for products online because of its excellent reputation, fast delivery, and seemingly unlimited product options, but did you know B2C (business-to-consumer) sales only represent one arm of the Amazon selling platform? The world’s largest e-commerce platform also facilitates B2B sales through its Amazon Business marketplace.

Whether or not you sell to consumers on Amazon, you can expand to B2B sales by taking advantage of the vast customer base on Amazon Business. B2B sellers on Amazon benefit from free online storefronts, reliable on-time payments, and the ability to sell to businesses and consumers from the same platform.

Amazon Business sellers create product listings viewable only by businesses and can offer tax exemptions for qualifying purchases. If you sell on Amazon Business, you can even designate specific credentials buyers must have to purchase your products.

Who Should Sell on Amazon Business?

Selling on Amazon Business may not benefit everyone, but your business may experience exponential growth through this marketplace if you:

· Focus on B2B sales or sell to both consumers and businesses

· Offer bulk buying options to businesses as a third-party seller, dealer, or wholesaler

· Want to offer different pricing options to consumers and businesses

· Want to offer pricing discounts based on the quantity of the order

· Have the margins to avoid losing profits on associated fees and costs

· Respond consistently to customer questions and product reviews

You may use Amazon Business for your B2B selling to avoid the costs of maintaining an e-commerce website while taking advantage of the massive customer base. Whatever the reason, you’re sure to enjoy significant growth for your business.

What Are the Benefits of Amazon Business?

Selling to businesses on Amazon Business provides sellers with many perks. These include the following:

Opportunities for Growth

Amazon Business has experienced the most growth of any platform under the Amazon brand in recent years. Amazon Business can provide the channel you need if you want to broaden your customer pool by getting your products in front of more businesses online.

Amazon Business offers a vast customer pool with targeted advertising solutions. Open your own B2B Amazon store to discover the growth opportunities for yourself.

Greater Visibility

Amazon Business can help you expand your reach by becoming more visible to Amazon buyers. Amazon experiences massive search traffic from business buyers, providing sellers with a huge customer pool. The registration process goes quickly, so you can start taking advantage of greater visibility for your brand in a matter of hours.

Greater Control

Do you want to sell the same product to both consumer and business customers but not at the same price? Amazon Business allows you to control your prices and credit options for every product you have for sale. You can even offer customers up to 30 days of credit with payment invoices while receiving the money immediately.

Amazon helps businesses easily sell their products to other companies, track sales, and control credit. Sellers also have access to performance analytics to help them maximize sales.

How Do Business Buyers Benefit from Amazon Business?

Businesses don’t get all the advantages of B2B selling on Amazon. Buyers also enjoy fast delivery, simple and fast refunds, and Amazon-only discounts. Those enrolled in Business Prime enjoy additional benefits, including the following:

· Longer Pay by Invoice terms of 45 or 60 days

· Exclusive access to specific deals and discounts

· The ability to select preferred sellers and products

· An Amazon Business credit card with zero annual fees

How Do You Sell to Businesses on Amazon?

To become a seller on Amazon Business, your business or organization must:

· Be located in the United States or a U.S. territory

· Maintain an order defect rate (ODR) of .5% maximum

· Maintain a 2% or less late shipment rate

· Maintain a 1% or less pre-shipment cancellation rate

Follow these steps to start selling to businesses on Amazon Business:

· Open a Professional Seller account on Amazon if you don’t have one already.

· Register your new account on Amazon’s Seller Central (or go to Seller Central and add Business Features).

· Fill your business profile with information about your company, including any credentials.

· Create optimized B2B product listings with tiered discounts and other features.

You may need permission to sell depending on the product category. For example, you must get approval to sell jewelry, fine art, automotive products, and other product types.

To make the most of your B2B selling efforts on Amazon Business, remember that selling to businesses requires a different thought process than selling to consumers. While consumers make purchase decisions based on desires and emotions, businesses make fact-based decisions. Keep your Amazon Business presence professional and logic-driven to find success as a B2B seller.

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