Types of Amazon Advertising Campaigns

Are you interested in setting up an Amazon ad campaign for your business or products? Amazon ads represent a great way to get eyes on your products, making them a substantial part of digital marketing for many companies.

You can review different ad formats and types of campaigns with this article and our team at Click Fluency. Find out which ad campaign works best for your company and allows you to get the most value for your money.

Amazon Ads: Pay-Per-Click Functionality

We will discuss the three most popular types of amazon ads in this article. The experts classify all these ads as pay-per-click (PPC) ads. PPC advertising can help your business save money while still reaching a wide range of potential customers.

The PPC ad format allows you to place ads on many pages across Amazon. However, you only need worry about paying for these ads if someone clicks on them, allowing you to limit your advertising cost.

The three primary Amazon PPC ad types include:

● Sponsored Product Ads

● Sponsored Brand Ads

● Product Display Ads

All of these ads focus on keyword matching. You have several keyword options for your ad campaigns, including:

Broad Keyword Match

Broad matches give you the most exposure and, therefore, the highest flow of traffic. Customers see these ads when they search for your keyword or close synonyms. Many people select these ads because they work no matter where the keyword appears in the query when advertising on Amazon.

Phrase Match

Phrase match ads only appear if a customer enters a search with your keywords in a specific sequence. The search may contain other words in addition to your keyword sequence.

For example, let’s say your keyword phrase is “dog brush.” You could receive hits from customers who search for “bright red dog brush.”

Exact Keyword Match

Finally, you may set up an online advertising campaign that uses exact match keywords. The customers must type in your keyword exactly for your ad to pop up on the Amazon store. This kind of narrow advertising solution helps you reach the shoppers most likely to want your product but reduces the overall scope of your campaign.

Negative Keywords

Amazon also gives you the option to enter negative keywords. Your ads will not appear for any search results involving these words.

Learn About Amazon Sponsored Product Ads

Sponsored product display ads look a lot like general ads that you’d see on search engines like Google. With these ads, you focus on specific product targeting or keywords to advertise a single product. The ads for sponsored products appear next to similar products on search pages or product detail pages.

You can adjust several factors with sponsored product ads, including the following:

● Keywords

● Bids

● Campaign budget

● Campaign duration

However, Amazon pulls information from the product details about the product’s name, star rating, and images. Ads for sponsored products in a sponsored brands campaign look like organic search results, though they include a ribbon that marks them as “sponsored.”

These Amazon PPC ads do not always appear in the same place in the search results. Amazon changes the rank of your sponsored product ads based on the likelihood of someone buying your product during sponsored brands campaigns.

You can learn more about Amazon product display ads and sponsored products campaign creating by reaching out to the professionals. Sponsored product ads offer a great way to keep your cost per click low while reaching multiple potential clients.

Sponsored Brand Ads and Ad Spend on Amazon

Sponsored brands ads are the second option available to Amazon sellers. Amazon used to call these ads “Headline Search ads.” As with product display ads, they act as a PPC option that focuses on keyword targeting.

Ads for sponsored brands differ from product display ads in that they allow you to showcase multiple products with one ad instead of focusing on a single product. The ads appear at the top of the search results during sponsored brand campaigns.

Each ad contains two components.

1. Left Section

The left section includes the following:

● Brand logo

● Brand name

● A call to action

Clicking on this part of sponsored brands ads sends a customer to a new page where they can make a purchase. Make sure you have your brand’s logo established before buying this kind of ad. You can learn more about Amazon brand registry and other sponsored brands ad types by asking the professionals.

2. Right Section

This section includes three products you want to advertise, which you select when setting up a sponsored brand campaign. Discuss your Amazon advertising strategy with our experts to choose the best products for your ads.

Clicking on any of the products takes a client to a custom landing page where they can make a purchase. A sponsored brand ad helps you reach customers by sharing information about your company. In addition, ads for sponsored brands can appear in several places.

Go Over the Use of Sponsored Display Ads

Finally, you may consider a sponsored display ad to increase brand awareness. However, Amazon marketing services only offer Product Display ads to registered vendors, so they may not work for your business.

Product display ads can show up in several places, including the following:

● Amazon product detail page

● Search results page

● Customer review pages

● Offer listing page

In addition to showing up on Amazon product detail pages and other locations, they may appear in emails. Amazon sponsored display ads can show up on mobile and desktop applications. You select relevant keywords for your sponsored display campaigns.

Learn More About Sponsored Ads to Drive Brand Awareness

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