Useful Tips for Selling on Amazon Using FBA

Shopping online has only increased in popularity over the years. More businesses are using the Amazon marketplace to scale their online business and gain a positive brand reputation.

An established eCommerce brand looking to increase organic traffic and products sold can become a Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) seller. Amazon has a fulfillment center where third-party sellers can store their products. Amazon packs and ships them and provides customer service.

Amazon Prime was originally launched in 2005. Including the Amazon Prime logo in your FBA product pages instills trust in potential buyers, including non-Prime Amazon users.

Without much experience, many brand owners make harmful mistakes that can damage their Amazon business. New sellers need to understand how to optimize listings, ensure adequate inventory, maintain up-to-date product listings, and follow all Amazon platform guidelines. Following these Amazon selling tips can help you become a successful Amazon seller.

Optimize Your Product Descriptions

To get Amazon sales, you must optimize your product listings. SEO optimization is critical to ranking in search results.

You should create listings with concise yet informative copy that hits SEO keyword goals. Everything from the listing’s title and description to the product’s photographs contributes to the ranking.

If you’re unsure how to create an ideal listing, you can refer to other sellers’ listings that rank highly. You’ll need to do SEO keyword research to find the highest-ranking target keywords for the specific product you’re selling on Amazon. With good optimization, your company will look like a reputable Amazon seller soon after joining.

Win a Buy Box

Multiple sellers can offer the same product on Amazon. However, only one seller becomes the default option by winning the Buy Box. Winning this item typically increases sales.

To win Amazon’s Buy Box for a product, you should optimize your product listings and update them regularly. Unlike Walmart Marketplace, Amazon doesn’t offer specific tips for how to win. Yet, by maintaining ideal optimization, you can increase your chance of gaining this privilege.

The following factors could increase your odds of winning the Buy Box:

Price: Amazon typically selects products with competitive pricing, including shipping fees. You can use reputable repricing tools to get the lowest accurate prices and reprice your products. The lowest prices often win.

Customer service: Your Amazon seller account grows depending on customer satisfaction and overall feedback. Keeping these reviews high increases your win likelihood.

Inventory: Amazon FBA users should ensure all products are in stock and inventory counts are correct.

Fulfillment: Offer an option with no shipping costs and a paid shipping method to give customers multiple delivery options.

Follow Amazon’s Selling Guidelines

Another overarching Amazon selling tip is to follow Amazon’s selling and product listing guidelines. The last thing you want is your professional seller account to shut down. Follow the guidelines for selling on Amazon to keep this scenario from happening.

Amazon has specific guidelines for everything, including the correct size for product images, how to create a product title, and more. By following every detail, you can quickly rival competing Amazon sellers and appear trustworthy.

You can also form a successful selling strategy by understanding the guidelines. Whether you’re trying to win the Buy Box or increase your Amazon search rankings, knowing the selling guidelines will help.

Proactively Manage Your Amazon Business Inventory

If your business is selling online via multiple accounts, it can be challenging to manage each inventory. In addition to fulfillment fees, inventory storage fees accrue twice per month. However, a lack of proper management can tank both your sales and selling strategies.

Many customers shop based on the lowest prices. Market demand is constantly changing, so you have to be one step ahead of competitors selling on Amazon by offering the lowest pricing. Furthermore, stay ahead of the game by updating each product detail page with the correct price and product information.

Deliver Exceptional Customer Service

Excellent customer service translates to more customer retention. To this end, you must answer customer questions and resolve the challenges customers face when ordering from you.

Taking your business’s customer service to an online platform requires attention to detail, in-depth knowledge of Amazon’s processes, a professional attitude, and quick responses. You’ll garner many positive reviews with accurate listings, quality products, and good customer service.

Depending on your situation, you may choose Amazon to handle the customer service side of things. However, if you ever get poor customer feedback, you must resolve the customer’s concerns quickly and professionally.

Use Automation to Increase Reviews

To start gaining customers’ trust, contact them after the product’s delivery and ask them for feedback or to post a review. Amazon review software enables eCommerce brands selling many products per day to automatically request reviews.

Alert Customers When You Ship

Customer service is a determining factor in how well your Amazon business performs. Checking orders daily and confirming shipments as soon as they go out significantly improves your customer service. Fortunately, your Seller Central account makes it easy to confirm an item sold.

Verifying shipping also facilitates your payment. Seller accounts must confirm shipping within 30 days, or Amazon will cancel the order. You’ll need to include all relevant information to ensure an item has shipped.

Create an External Campaign via Social Media

Use Amazon’s pay-per-click advertising services to target specific audiences. You can create innovative custom ads to get consumers’ attention and build brand awareness. Offer your own social media discount codes to give customers a reason to follow the link.

Alternatively, you can create manual campaigns and use traditional display ads to increase views.

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