Video Content on Amazon for Advertising

Amazon’s sponsored brands video ads give you a great way to share information about new products and draw attention to your company. You can reach numerous new clients with video content, and these ads provide a great way to spread your brand message.

You can learn more about the best way to set up Amazon video ads with our team at Click Fluency. We know video ads, search results, and the ins and outs of advertising on Amazon.

The Basics About Sponsored Brands Video Ads

Amazon offers special “Brand Ads” to brand-registered sellers. Only specific sellers get access to this feature, which includes the option to have video ads. You can set up these ads in the campaign manager feature included with Sponsored Brands advertisement.

Most Amazon video ads ask you to include the same basic information as a traditional ad, including product details. Each ad will contain information about Prime eligibility and shipping at the bottom.

Availability for Sponsored Brands Video Ads

Note that sponsored brand video ads are not available in all areas worldwide. Amazon advertising offers the ads in several areas, including:

North America

North American businesses can use ads in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.


The following European countries have access to advertisements through their seller central:

● Germany

● Spain

● France

● Italy

● The Netherlands

● The United Kingdom

Middle East

Both Saudi Arabia and The United Arab Emirates offer video content functionality.

Asia Pacific

Amazon offers this new ad format to businesses in Japan, Singapore, Australia, and India. Amazon may add video advertisements to other countries as they continue to refine the process.

Guidelines for Your Sponsored Brands Video Ad

Amazon has specific requirements and guidelines for companies interested in setting up sponsored brand video ads. Companies who choose video ads should:

● Avoid too many distracting elements and extreme amounts of animation

● Include their brand logo

● Avoid generic terms and references

● Avoid third-party customer reviews

● Leave out slang

In addition, you should not use pressure language in your sponsored brand video ads.

Size for Amazon Video Ads

Amazon only allows you to use specific video dimensions for your video file. The file should remain under 500 MB with 1920 x 1080px dimensions. Amazon requires you to use a specific font for on-screen text.

Desktop ads must be between 12 and 35 pt. All mobile ads must use 16 pt, and tablet ads may use between 31 and 50 pt. All ads should use Arial font.

Safe Areas for an Amazon Video Ad

Finally, each ad needs to fit the “safe areas” for the video player. Amazon offers a template that helps you see the border to avoid leaving black or empty frames. You can also check out the location of the play and pause button with the template.

Reasons to Use Amazon Sponsored Brands Video

Why should you consider a video ad for your company? Let’s go over the key selling points for Amazon’s video ad service.

Video content, in general, allows you to explain your product quickly, which can engage shoppers and lead to conversions.

Video Ads Have Higher Click-Through Rates

These advertisements have higher odds of getting click-throughs from your customers than display ads. Dynamic videos catch the attention of views and encourage clicking up to 7.5x compared to static advertisements.

You can set up auto-play advertisements for desktop and mobile devices, meaning that your ad begins playing as soon as a potential customer enters a page. Your ad can automatically loop, repeating once the video ends to continue intriguing customers.

Video Ads Demonstrate How Your Product Works

Amazon ads allow you to show off your product. What better way to show it off than by using a video to show it in advice use? Product-focused videos often help you sell products more effectively, funneling customers to your product detail page.

Videos Give You a Chance to Try Something New

Amazon only began offering ad videos in 2021. You can get ahead of the curve on the Amazon brand registry by adopting videos for your business, quickly building up your star ratings, and boosting conversion rates.

Keep in mind that many people identify as visual learners. These individuals respond faster to advertisements that include motion; you can take advantage of this with your ad campaign.

Steps to Set Up Your Video Ad Campaign

Are you ready to start using videos for your advertisements? Follow these steps to get your campaign rolling.

Start the Planning Process

The amount of planning you do can directly correlate to the success of your campaign. You can avoid a poor customer experience by making sure that you:

● Know what you want to say about your product

● Understand the aspect ratio you want to you

● Have the correct file size and file format selected

During planning, you can develop a campaign name and discuss the campaign type you want to pursue. Think about the brand shopping experiences you want to give your customers and focus on the benefits of your product in your videos.

Create Your Video Ad

Once you understand what you want for your video, it’s time to begin creation. Amazon offers you a Video Creative Builder with templates and pre-existing assets to get you on your way. You may include black frames, Amazon trademarks, and sound in the ad.

Depending on the ad you want to run, you could include some abrupt edits or slow fades to give customers time to learn about your brand. Make sure you don’t post an incomplete video.

Monitor the Ad

After you create the ad, you can put it on Amazon. It’ll show up in search results on streaming devices. Make sure you consider cost-per-click when setting up your e-commerce ad.

Check your review count to see how people respond to the ad on their screen.

You can learn more about sound design, what to put on the side of the video, and Amazon search results with our team at Click Fluency. Let us help you design your ad campaign today.

Imagine looking at your Amazon account and:

• Seeing a higher return on ad spend
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• Feeling in control of your Amazon success
• Spending less time on the complexities

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