A Simple Guide to Amazon’s A9 Algorithm and How It Works

From the day it showed up to today, Amazon has been non-stop growing, becoming one of the biggest if not the biggest retail giant in the e-commerce world. In fact, Amazon enjoys 50% of all online transactions there in the US alone. This is all thanks to the fact that, although its humble beginnings started with just books, this online retail store offers a large variety of products from essentially every corner of the globe.

That being said, for companies looking to make the most out of this platform, a deep understanding of Amazon’s A9 algorithm is essential. This is like understanding Google’s algorithm to create an effective SEO strategy for that platform.

Today, let’s talk about the A9 algorithm and the factors you need to consider to optimize your Amazon SEO campaigns:

A9 Algorithm for Amazon SEO

The A9 algorithm is a search engine used by Amazon and is essential to the company’s Amazon SEO. To be exact, the A9 algorithm is like Google but is used for Amazon. It is basically a powerful search engine that fits the needs of its parent company, with it being designed and built solely for this purpose.

In the same way that Google’s algorithms have become the standard for modern search marketing, Amazon’s A9 algorithms have also become the industry standard for the e-commerce realm. If you want to rank on Amazon, then you need to master the A9 algorithm first.

How Does A9 Work?

According to Amazon, the A9 algorithm uses over 200,000 feature variables (which is more than Google) to rank, rank, and re-rank Amazon pages for their products. What this means for brands and businesses is that if you want to be found and start ranking on the first page of Amazon’s search engine, you need to ensure that all these aspects are optimized.

Of course, you don’t actually have to consider all these hundreds of thousands of feature variables to rank well. In fact, you can focus on the three main factors which the A9 algorithm considers when indexing your products on Amazon, and these are as follows:

Product Categories

This feature is vital for you to consider, as it will determine where your products are placed and which category you are in. By default, Amazon will place your product under the “most relevant” category, but you can also set a different category to give your product more visibility on Amazon.

Product Title

This is one of the most important Amazon SEO factors to take into account. If your product title is optimized, then you will get better rankings. For this, you need to make sure that it is short, clear, and is relevant to your product. The keywords used should also be relevant to your target audience’s search queries.

Product Images

The images you use in your product description are essential to the A9 algorithm. Again, these are quite similar to SEO practices, as you need to ensure that your product images are optimized, cropped, and have an appropriate product title. This is because Amazon wants to provide the user with a clear visual representation of what your product is about.

That said, the algorithm considers a few other things, but these three factors are some of the most important ones.


With all these factors in mind, you might be tempted to try and do this yourself. You might think that you can get away with optimizing for high ranks in Amazon just by focusing on these things. While that may be true, it is truly challenging work. As such, we recommend you outsource this task to a trusted agency that has a deep understanding of the A9 algorithm and SEO in general. That way, you won’t have to deal with coding, copywriting, or anything else, as the agency will manage the whole campaign for you and give you the best results possible.

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