Amazon Ads Automation: Pros and Cons

If you’ve ever run an ad campaign on Amazon, you know that Amazon ads management can easily become a full-time job. Keyword research, competitor analysis, and bid strategies take a lot of time and don’t always deliver optimal results. Furthermore, strategies that worked for your Google or Facebook ad campaigns don’t always perform well on Amazon (and vice versa).

Amazon ads automation allows you to easily create ads, track your ad spend, and monitor ROI. How does it work, and what are the pros and cons of automating Amazon ads? Learn all this and more below.

How Amazon Ads Automation Works

When you set up an Amazon ad campaign, you can select either manual or automatic targeting in the platform’s ad creator. If you choose the latter, you rely on Amazon’s algorithm to take care of everything, including keyword choices and bids. This approach can be very appealing if you’re a PPC novice and don’t have a lot of time to devote to keyword research and ad management.

The Pros of Automatic Targeting

It’s easy to see why many small to mid-size Amazon sellers choose automatic targeting. Automatic ads are easy to set up, save the hassle of researching keywords, and take up much less daily effort than manual ad targeting. Amazon automatically collects key metrics like clicks and ad spend so that you can track your campaign’s performance.

The Drawbacks of Automatic Targeting

With all its convenience, Amazon’s automatic targeting often lacks the precision of manual keyword research and bid adjustment. Sellers who use automatic ad setup run the risks of irrelevant keywords and inadequate bids. Automated ad campaigns often have a higher ACoS (advertising cost of sales).

Thankfully, there’s a solution that combines the fine-tuning of manual targeting with the convenience of automatic targeting: intelligent ads automation.

How Smart Amazon Ads Automation Helps You Get Maximum Value Out of Your Campaign

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Third-party Amazon ads automation software allows you to adjust ad setup and management and gain an edge over your competitors. These tools optimize Amazon’s built-in ad automation algorithm and help you boost your RoAS (return on ad spend).

Ads automation tools take care of keyword generation and bid management, two time-intensive tasks of every Amazon PPC campaign. This type of smart software can help you harvest keywords, expand the use of best-performing keywords, and calibrate bids.

Let’s look at how this works in practice.

Keyword Automation

Let’s say your campaign uses ten keywords, two of which give you top performance (i.e., the most sales), while one generates clicks that lead to no sales. Ads automation tools can detect high-performing keywords and add them to other relevant campaigns as they keep track of low-ROI keywords to avoid and reduce ad spend.

The more campaigns you run simultaneously, the more you’ll be able to profit from smart ads automation.

Bid Automation

Optimizing your keywords is one part of successful Amazon advertising. A smart bid strategy is an equally important element. If your bids are too high, your ACoS may climb, while if you bid too low, your competitors may outbid you, and you’ll lose sales.

Automation software carefully tracks and manages bids per click according to the rules you set. Ads automation tools may increase keyword bids if ACoS is low or reduce keyword bids if the campaign’s ACoS starts running high.

Cut Down on Trial and Error in Ad Campaigns

While skilled Amazon advertisers can achieve excellent results with manual PPC ad targeting, any human-managed campaign still involves trial and error. You may choose keywords based on a general impression, then wait to see how the campaign performs. Since everyone is human, you may miss subtle details crucial to achieving optimal results with your campaign.

Since ads automation software runs on AI, its algorithms use accurate data and reduce the waste of time, money, and effort. Getting the campaign framework right from the start is especially important in time-sensitive campaigns that target a product launch or seasonal offers.

Reduce Labor Costs With Automation Software

Ad automation tools can reduce your workload without compromising campaign performance.

If you’re running an SMB, chances are you have, at most, a couple of employees responsible for all Amazon advertising. With the endless tasks involved in managing a business, you and your team may struggle to manage your Amazon ads.

Ads automation software can help you lower labor costs. You’ll still need to oversee your campaigns, but instead of managing keywords and bids manually or relying 100% on Amazon’s algorithm, you’ll be able to set your ads in motion and monitor them periodically to make sure the results align with your campaign’s goals. You may play with the automation settings to see which formula delivers the best outcome. 

If you’re a large brand, you’ll see a tremendous difference in your work processes with ad automation. You’ll be able to pare down tedious, repetitive ad management tasks and streamline your advertising.

Make Amazon Ads Automation a Part of Your Overall Amazon Strategy

Smart ad automation is just part of the strategy that makes up your success on Amazon. As you achieve easier ad management, you’ll free up valuable time for optimizing your products, improving your service, and strengthening your brand.

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