Everything You Need To Know About Amazon’s Manage Your Experiments

Amazon has become an essential tool for many businesses to boost their profits and stay ahead in a competitive global market. Product listings make it easy for customers to view brands, item descriptions, and reviews that influence their decision-making while shopping.

If you are ready to drive traffic toward your product listings, the Amazon “Manage Your Experiments” page is a practical place to start. This tool allows you to test the performance of your eligible products and determine which versions of content will provide the best ROI. Hiring an Amazon PPC management service can help you navigate the process with ease. 

What Is Amazon’s Manage Your Experiments?

In the first quarter of 2021, Amazon launched a new “Manage Your Experiments” tool. This tool allows you to run split testing (A/B testing) on any A+ product titles you add to the site. 

According to Amazon, many vendors that utilize Manage Your Experiments see customer engagement and sales increase by up to 25%.

Amazon’s Manage Your Experiments

Essentially, Amazon’s Manage Your Experiments feature illustrates how potential customers interact with headlines, lifestyle images, or content within your product listings. Changing certain variables – such as adding modules to pages or altering images – can significantly impact how your target market explores your brand.

Manage Your Experiments tracks relevant metrics like:

  • The sample size of user visits
  • Conversion rate percentages
  • Units sold per variation 
  • Total sales from searches

Amazon uses a complex algorithm to recommend which version of your experiment will perform best.

Requirements for Amazon’s Manage Your Experiments

Not every user has access to the Amazon Manage Your Experiments feature. Your vendor account and product ASINs (Amazon Standard Identification Numbers) must qualify before you can use this tool.

More specifically, Amazon requires your brand to be in its registry of verified sellers in the United States. Your listings must also have A+ content. 

Getting Listed as a Registered Vendor for Manage Your Experiment

You will need to complete a few steps before Amazon recognizes you on its brand registry:

  • Apply for an active registered trademark
  • Design an official logo
  • Take pictures of your branding on product packaging.

Listing Products With A+ Ratings

To create an ASIN with A+ content, you must add the following to your product listing:

  • High-quality images
  • Comparison charts
  • Impressive product descriptions
  • User experience modules. 

Important Things To Consider When Using Split Testing With Amazon

The Amazon Manage Your Experiment tool does not require you to use any third-party extensions to run or view tests. You also have the freedom to manage multiple experiments simultaneously.

One of the most important variables to consider is the main product image on your listing. This element will be the first thing customers see when browsing through Amazon. 

However, creating multiple variations of your product images for testing and meeting Amazon’s image requirements can be challenging. For example, Amazon requires your product to take up 85% of the image and contain no badges – such as “Bestseller” or “Amazon’s top choice.” 

A/B testing gives you an idea of how to structure your future listings specifically for the Amazon platform. With this knowledge, you can spend less time managing your listings and enjoy higher conversion rates per product.

How To Start Your A/B Testing Through Amazon

The Amazon Manage Your Experiment tool is easy to use. Follow the steps below to start your next A/B test:

Access Your Account

First, log into your Amazon account under Seller Central. Hover over the “Brands” tab on the upper toolbar and click “Manage Experiments” in the dropdown menu.

Double Check Your Eligibility

You should have instant access to the dashboard if your account qualifies for the Manage Your Experiments tool. However, the page may not be visible to you, or an error message may pop up when you click it — blocking you from further action. 

Don’t worry; you can resolve these issues in a couple of ways. Go back to the toolbar and hover over “Advertising.” Then, click on the A+ Content Manager tab. 

If you receive a message that says “Ineligible Selling Partner,” you don’t have any ASINs with an A+ score. Try to build your product listings as discussed in previous sections.

If you have eligible ASINs, you will see a reference lookup menu allowing you to browse your products. In this case, contact Amazon support to troubleshoot the Manage Your Experiments tool. 

Save time by hiring a reliable Amazon management service to complete these tasks for you.

Create a New Experiment

Once you have access, you’ll need to name your A/B test and input a short hypothesis – something you expect the experiment to achieve. Here’s an example:

Title: Front Page Image A/B Test for Product One

Hypothesis: Shifting the current front page product image 180 degrees will increase conversion rates.

Other boxes will allow you to modify your experiment, including the:

  • Testing duration
  • Date the experiment will automatically begin
  • Date the experiment will automatically end

Test One Variable at a Time

Always test one variable at a time. If you experiment with multiple variables simultaneously, you may not know which idea helped or hurt your listing once Amazon calculates the results.

Wait for Results

Most vendors set the duration of their A/B test for four to ten weeks. This strategy ensures that they receive statistically accurate metrics. Running an experiment for three weeks or less may not provide a large enough sample size.

You can instruct Amazon to set automatic listings for the version with the highest overall performance scores.

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