How To Increase Organic Sales on Amazon

If you sell products on Amazon, you know the platform is a dog-eat-dog world. How do you make your listings stand out among the many similar products and sellers? 

First, you need to make sure plenty of people see your listings. Organic sales stem from organic traffic, which is when users naturally stumble upon your products. 

Below are a few tips for how to increase organic sales on Amazon.

How Are Organic Sales Different From Ad Sales? 

how to increase organic sales on amazon

First, let’s establish how organic sales differ from ad sales and why they’re important. 

If you work with an Amazon PPC management service, you have a strategy in place to target users through ads. When someone searches for your type of product, your ad may show up at the top of the search results. 

While PPC campaigns may bring in sales, they’re a double-edged sword. Some users will see ads and automatically dismiss the product being advertised. They’ll scroll right past the ads section in favor of products they find organically. 

Organic sales benefit your business because they’re free; they don’t come about from paid ads. They also feel more authentic to customers who prefer making their own purchase decisions instead of falling prey to an advertisement. 

But knowing how to increase organic sales on Amazon can be tricky. You can’t just press a button or pay for more ads and expect organic sales to increase. Instead, you’ll need to improve your search engine optimization (SEO) to ensure more users find your listings and have all the information they need to make a purchase. 

Tips To Increase Organic Sales on Amazon

You can take a multi-angled approach to increase your organic sales on Amazon. Here are a few essential strategies to get you started: 

Improve Seller Authority

The Amazon search engine prioritizes those with high seller authority. These sellers continually deliver positive experiences for customers and have become trusted within the Amazon marketplace. 

Seller authority depends largely on your interactions with customers. It takes time to build authority on the platform, but you can begin by enhancing customer interactions in the following ways:

  • Always providing exceptional customer service
  • Responding to customer queries promptly
  • Taking a “customer is always right” mentality

You’ll also improve your authority when you continually deliver high-quality products. You should perform product testing regularly to ensure your items always meet or exceed customer expectations. When customers inevitably have problems with your products, whether those problems are legitimate or not, take time to rectify the situation. 

Achieving high seller and product ratings on Amazon can also boost your seller authority. Many customers simply won’t leave reviews of their own accord, so you should get into the habit of asking for reviews with each product you sell. You can include a note in the packaging or reach out to customers through email to encourage them to leave reviews. 

Optimize Product Listings

Amazon uses a search engine algorithm like Google and any other search engine. You must ensure your product listings check all the boxes on the search engine algorithm to get in front of customers who are already interested in your types of products. 

Amazon search engine optimization (SEO) strategies can help you increase your product’s ranking on Amazon and reach more organic traffic, helping increase your organic sales. The first step of any good SEO strategy is keyword research. 

Amazon offers a Keyword Research Tool that can clue you into the search terms your products should be ranking for. Once you identify high-volume keywords that relate to your products, you’ll want to use those keywords throughout your product titles and descriptions. Avoid keyword stuffing; instead, ensure your listings sound natural. 

Amazon also prefers product listings that:

  • Use high-quality images showing the product from several angles
  • Include descriptive alt text for photos
  • Have detailed product descriptions that include bullet points to break up walls of text

Take time to edit your product listings to ensure they include relevant keywords, are descriptive, and have high-resolution photos. Amazon will start displaying your products higher in search results, and you’ll better establish your brand as a reliable choice for consumers. 

Adjust Pricing

Your organic sales may be suffering simply because your prices are too high or low. Steep prices can drive customers away, as there’s almost always a more affordable option on the platform. Meanwhile, unreasonably low prices can indicate that your products are low in quality or won’t hold up to long-term use. 

You can find several guides for optimizing your pricing on Amazon. In general, you’ll need to consider factors like:

  • Production costs
  • Distribution costs
  • Competitors’ prices
  • Marketing costs
  • Perceived value to customers
  • Sales history

If you’re struggling to get sales, you may decide to lower your prices temporarily while you build up a customer base and earn more positive ratings. 

Use A/B Testing

Combining the steps above can help you begin to increase organic sales. But you can enjoy a more efficient boost in sales by using A/B testing to determine the most effective combination of these steps. 

Through A/B testing, you’ll release two versions of your product descriptions, titles, images, and prices. Then, you’ll review which version performs best over a set period, such as a week or a month. 

Instead of blindly changing elements of your product listings and hoping for the best, you’ll have concrete data to steer you toward the most reliable boost in organic sales. 

how to increase organic sales on amazon

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