What Are Impressions in Amazon Advertising and How Do You Increase Them?

If you’re new to selling on the Amazon Marketplace, you might be wondering, “What are impressions in Amazon advertising?”  

When your Amazon ads don’t get enough impressions, your online business suffers from a lack of sales, and your return on investment (ROI) for marketing dwindles. To keep your business healthy, the money you spend on ads should lead to enough conversions to more than cover your marketing budget. 

In this guide, the digital advertising experts at Click Fluency, a growth-driving Amazon PPC management service, share information about Amazon ad impressions and tips for increasing them. 

What Are Amazon Ad Impressions?

Amazon ad impressions are the number of times your ads appear in search results, product listing pages, and other ad locations. In other words, impressions are the number of chances your ad has to appeal to potential customers. 

You can view the total number of impressions for each of your ads, whether they’re Sponsored Brand, Product, or Display ads. Monitoring your ad impressions lets you know how successful your campaigns are at building product and brand awareness and when to adjust your advertising strategies to get more traction.

Impressions don’t necessarily indicate the success of your ads in terms of getting sales; neither does the metric tell you whether shoppers saw the ad. Getting more impressions, however, does give your ads more chances to get clicks that lead to interest in your products and brand, which can increase sales. 

You should focus on increasing impressions if your goal is to build awareness of a new product or get your brand name out there at the beginning of your seller journey. 

How To Increase Your Amazon Ad Impressions

If your Amazon ads aren’t getting many impressions, it’s likely you aren’t bidding competitively enough, or Amazon has decided your ads or products aren’t helpful to customers. 

Not only do you need to win bids to display your ads, but you also need to show Amazon that the terms in your ad campaigns are relevant to your products. Amazon only wants to show customers ads for products they’re looking for, so adding “phone charger” as a keyword when your product listings only describe desk lamps will hurt your impressions. 

If you want to increase your Amazon ad impressions, try following our tips below.

Optimize Your Product Pages

Creating strong product listings is crucial for the performance of your ad campaigns and organic search rankings on Amazon. The keywords you use in your Sponsored Product ads should also be present on the product’s details page, but you shouldn’t just toss them in randomly. 

Your product pages should be informative, organized, and relevant to the terms shoppers are using to find products like yours. 

Here are some basic tips for creating quality Amazon product listings:

  • Use a descriptive product title (brand, product type, color, size, etc.)
  • Add high-quality product images with a plain, white background
  • Include at least three bullet points with product info
  • Write product descriptions using relevant, generic keywords

Bid Competitively

One of the most common reasons Amazon ads get low impressions is that they aren’t winning bids. If you don’t want to get outbid by other Amazon advertisers, you must raise the cost-per-click (CPC) you’re willing to pay for your ads. 

Bidding higher doesn’t guarantee you’ll get more clicks or sales, but it’s essential for getting plenty of impressions. Over time, monitoring your campaigns will help you narrow your search terms and categories so you aren’t paying for ads that don’t generate sales. 

Leverage Automatic Targeting

One of the most helpful tactics when starting with a new brand or product is to run an ad campaign with automatic targeting. In this type of campaign, Amazon automatically generates keywords to use for ads based on your product information. 

As the campaign progresses, you’ll see which keywords perform the best in terms of getting impressions, clicks, and sales. This information lets you plug the top keywords into your manual campaigns for optimized ad runs. You’ll also find out which terms to add to your negative keyword list to avoid worthless PPC costs. 

Add Backend Keywords

When you create a product listing on Amazon, you have the option to add related keywords to the “Search Terms” field under the “Keywords” tab. These terms help show Amazon your products are consistent with the ad campaign’s keywords and increase your organic search rankings.

While the most relevant terms should be in your product title, description, etc., you can add generic backend keywords to increase the visibility of your product in searches and ensure Amazon indexes the product for the keywords you’re using in your campaign. 

Increase Your Budget

Keeping track of your budget is crucial for maximizing impressions on Amazon. If you have campaigns that are getting impressions but are quickly running out of budget, you’re missing out on valuable chances to get more clicks. 

You can fix this issue by checking on your campaign during the day to see whether your budget is holding up, adding to the budget when it runs out too early. You should also consider increasing the daily budget on campaigns that get a lot of impressions, ensuring they don’t put a halt to your traffic growth when they run out of money too soon. 

Analyze Your Search Term Reports

The Amazon Search Term Report gives you insights like top-of-search impression share, which is the percentage of top-of-search impressions you received compared to your competition. You can utilize the data in this report to enhance keyword and product targeting and optimize campaign budgets.

Boost Your Amazon Ad Visibility With Click Fluency

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